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    UNIT 2 • Exalting Christ

    This is a four-lesson study of Philippians. The letter to the Philippians encourages believers to follow the pattern laid out for us in Christ and to oppose those who are enemies of Christ’s Cross.

    Lesson 6: January 8, 2023, Proclaiming Christ, Philippians 1:15–26

    Paul says that regardless of intentions, the result was still that Christ is proclaimed in every way. Jesus used parables to teach us how to declare His message.


     Lesson 7: January 15, 2023, Jesus’ Humility and Exaltation, Philippians 2:5–11

     Sometimes people driven by the need to succeed exploit others to get to the top. God exalted Jesus because of Christ’s selflessness, obedience, servanthood, and humility. Jesus talked about the importance of finding the best surroundings in which to grow in faith and serve others.


     Lesson 8: January 22, 2023, Gaining in Jesus Christ, Philippians 3:7–11

    The self-worth of many people resides in the things they have accomplished. Paul believed that none of the achievements of this life are worth anything when compared to the value of knowing Christ Jesus.

    Lesson 9: January 29, 2023, Stand Firm, Philippians 3:12–16

     Sometimes it is difficult to sustain needed energy to achieve goals that have lasting value. Maintaining a strong bond with Christ prepares us for the relationship we will have with Him in eternity. Jesus stressed that preparation would help people reach important goals. 

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