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    UNIT 2 • Worshiping in Jerusalem (Part 1)

    This is a five-lesson study of Ezra. The lessons give us a perspective on worship in Jerusalem after a remnant of Israel returns home from exile in Babylon.


    Lesson 5: July 2, 2023 - Joyful Worship Restored - Ezra 3:1–7

     People gratefully celebrate the happy turn of events in their lives. The writer of Ezra tells of the time when God’s scattered and exiled people celebrated their return with sacred festivals and worship.


    Lesson 6: July 9, 2023 - Temple Restored - Ezra 3:8–13

    When people are separated from something they hold dear, restoration is usually a greatly anticipated goal. When the returned Israelite exiles laid the foundation stones to restore the Temple, they rejoiced and gave thanks to God with weeping, shouting, and playing of trumpets and cymbals.

    Lesson 7: July 16, 2023 - Dedication of the Temple - Ezra 6:13–22

    People often assign great importance to specific locations. The Temple was special to the Israelites because God commanded them to rebuild it and because it gave them a place to commemorate with worship their original freedom from Egyptian bondage and more recently their Babylonian exile.


    Lesson 8: July 23, 2023 -Fasting and Praying -Ezra 8:21–23

    As people live their lives, they pause to assess their strengths and weaknesses for reaching their destinations. Ezra and his entourage stopped on their way to Jerusalem to prepare themselves by fasting and praying for God’s protection on their journey.


    Lesson 9: July 30, 2023 - Gifts for the Temple - Ezra 8:24–30

    People often make gifts for others whom they revere. As an act of worship, Ezra prepared gifts of precious metals to be carried by the priests and Levites to the house of God in Jerusalem.


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