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    Lesson for January  2024

    January 7th Week 19: Ezekiel - God’s Divine Glory Returns -Ezekiel 43:1–12

    People look for a place in which they can experience some sense of release and orderliness, away from the chaos that sometimes surrounds them. Ezekiel’s vision, given to him by God, revealed to the Israelites that God’s calming presence and merciful glory could be felt in sacred places where He is truly worshiped.


    January 14th Week 20: Daniel - A Sincere Faith - Daniel 1:8–21

    People find themselves confronted by contradictory requirements from different sources of authority. How do we resolve such conflicts? Daniel’s active faith, combined with his tact, helped him resolve his conflict and remain obedient to God in terms of dietary requirements.


    January 21st Week 21: Hosea - Hosea Preaches God’s Accusation against Israel -Hosea 4:1–4; 7:1–2; 12:8–9.

    Hosea identifies many sins the people of Israel had committed in rejecting the covenant commands of God. Since God had not judged the nation so far, the people boasted that judgment would never come. The prophet pleaded with them to repent and return to God in order to avoid His judgment.


    January 28th Week 22: Joel - Call to Repentance - Joel 2:1–2, 12–14, 28–29

    God’s call in this lesson is a call to repentance. As a symbol of pending judgment and darkness, God sent a plague of locusts. Joel told the Children of Israel that judgment could be avoided if they repented. God promised the people a day in which God’s Spirit would be poured out on the people.


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