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Meet Pastor Donald Garrett Jr.

Pastor Donald E. Garrett Jr. received his call at the age of fourteen to minister the Word of Truth. Pastor Garrett studied at Temple Bible College while in high school and there he has gained a greater knowledge and understanding of some spiritual subject matters.  After high school graduation he attended The Call program at Cincinnati Christian University.  Also, He has received several certificates of completion at the National Baptist Conferences.  Pastor Garrett is seeking God’s face on completing his degree in Christian Education in the years to come as God provides the increase.


Under the direction of Pastor Mark Toney of New Unity Baptist Church Pastor Garrett was licensed to preach in 2000. He served faithfully as a Youth Minister.  After several years of Ministry, God called Pastor Garrett to become Youth Pastor at Calvary Missionary Baptist Church under Pastor Dr. James Chesley where he served faithfully for one year.  In 2007 God saw fit to transfer Pastor Garrett to Union Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Dr. Orlando Yates where he served as Youth Minister. In 2010 He was blessed to achieve his Certificate of Ordination.  In 2011 God called Pastor Garrett to be Pastor of First Baptist Church of Hazelwood, Cincinnati Ohio. Under his leadership, Bible Class was reintroduced to the congregation as well as Sunday School.  During his service at Hazelwood he also led the charge in bringing order back to the congregation in areas of giving, church discipline and church order.  Pastor Garrett also led the charge in creating a new Financial Ministry team which was well needed.  He baptized many under the direction of the Holy Spirit and added a wealth of things to the congregation and community, many outreach programs, many needed repairs, new parking lot etc. under his leadership.

In 2019 God in his wise providence, called Pastor Donald E. Garrett Jr. to accept the call as honored Elect Senior Pastor at New Life Missionary Baptist Church West College Hill (Steel Sub) Cincinnati, Ohio.  God has some great things in store for the congregation under the guidance of the Holy Spirit through Pastor Elect Donald E.  Garrett Jr.  In his short tenure beginning in August 2019 Pastor Garrett has brought new and innovative ways to worship in this present age understanding the importance of studying the scriptures to “rightly divide the word of truth” he has more than doubled bible study and continually adding to the Church spiritually and numerically, he understands that all credit belongs to God and God alone. Pastor Garrett is the founder of New Life Foundation a non-profit organization that is still under construction and being developed under his leadership.  The Church and Pastor Garrett are members of the Collective Empowerment Cincinnati. Pastor Garrett is a member of the NAACP Cincinnati, Member of the Baptist Minister’s Conference Ohio as well as a member of the National Baptist Convention.

Pastor Donald E. Garrett Jr. strives to serve God in greater ways as God is leading him in this present age living by the theme song “if I can help somebody then my living shall not be in vain.”


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